Your gift brings music to life! Lions Gate Sinfonia brings live orchestra music to the North Shore, enriching the quality of life in our community. The support of our donors helps us to make this possible.

Ticket sales account for only a small portion of the Lions Gate Sinfonia operating costs; so, we look to sponsors, donors, and fundraising events to make up the difference.

Your donation to Lions Gate Sinfonia has a direct impact on our programming, outreach activities, and educational initiatives. With you help, we can produce the highest quality orchestral concerts for audiences on the North Shore, we can reach out to under-serviced communities, and we can have a positive impact on the development of many young emerging local musicians.

Lions Gate Sinfonia has one of the most successful side-by-side mentoring programs, and the orchestra’s recent partnership with the North Shore Registered Music Teachers’ Association has been hailed by the Royal Conservatory of Music as one of the most innovative initiatives in the country.

Please consider making your gift today. Donors of $25 or more receive a tax receipt, plus a progressive series of donor benefits for gifts of $50 or more. The great work of our orchestra is a model for others across Canada. As the leading cultural organization on the North Shore, Lions Gate Sinfonia needs your help to sustain the excellence of its programs.


The Creative Economy

Thoughts from Paige Freeborn, past President Lions Gate Sinfonia

"I believe that successful communities of the 21st century need to cultivate creative capital in order to strengthen the connections between community, culture and commerce. It is proven that the creative arts help develop and sustain thriving communities, where citizens lead well-rounded civic lives that result in economic prosperity; and therefore, it is essential to engage leaders who know how to use creativity in strategic ways to help transform their communities into prosperous places to live."