Intern Opportunities

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer unique educational opportunities to the students in our community, Lions Gate Sinfonia accepts applications from students in grades 9-12 to participate as a Student Intern on our Board of Directors. Students are given the unique opportunity to gain insight into the operation of a not-for-profit board of directors and in some cases students are eligible to use their LGS volunteer hours to meet the requirements for their school's volunteering and community service programs. 

We encourage interested students to forward their expressions of interest to our General Manager at

"Being able to do a youth internship with Lions Gate Sinfonia was a very positive and inspiring experience. I was able to experience what running an orchestra is like. Furthermore, it was truly inspiring how one creative idea mentioned in a board meeting could expand into a wonderful concert, fundraiser, or an event. Sitting in on the board meetings were never boring. The conversations and discussions that happened between so many knowledgeable and musically passionate people gave every moment a significance. As a music-lover myself, my youth internship with Lions Gate Sinfonia has definitely been a major scale; from start to finish, a happy note. "