Andrea Siradze  performs alongside students during one of our Side by Side concerts.

Andrea Siradze performs alongside students during one of our Side by Side concerts.

Our Education Program exists to educate, inspire, and motivate students in our community. We form outstanding partnerships with our local schools, creating advocacy strategies with our local educators, and projects that support the work of teachers and students alike.

One very important initiative is the annual Side-by-Side concert. Local music students are given the opportunity to perform alongside our professional musicians in the concert hall setting. They receive mentorship and training our musicians prior to each performance, and the results are always outstanding - a real audience favorite!

We are constantly seeking new ways to reach out to students with projects that capture their imaginations and renew their interest in live, symphonic concerts. During our 10+ years of existence, Sinfonia has partnered with dozens of young musicians to create great music.

In November, 2009, we brought together students from diverse cultural backgrounds to take part in a project called “Toward Cultural Harmony.” Indeed, true cultural harmony was created when an East Indian composer; an Aboriginal composer; a North Vancouver composer; and student composers, poets, singers, and players of eastern and western instruments, came together to explore their unique differences - and similarities - through the powerful medium of music. Our goal was to allow and encourage freedom of expression to all members of all cultures, and what transpired was heartwarming. Our common bonds of peace, music, expression, and acceptance, resulted in musical offerings of a unique nature. Students, composers, and Sinfonia musicians helped one another and fed off of one another’s creative energy, resulting in the creation of a joint composition called “Common Harmony.” Throughout the concert people were delighted by the power of the poetry and music from so many cultures: Persian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Romanian, First Nations, East Indian, and many more – all of us Canadian.

We continue to support student and music educators in our community in 2016 through our Lions Gate Youth Orchestra Program which offers year round rehearsals and mentorship with conductor Clyde Mitchell and season collaborations with the Lions Gate Sinfonia. This season we look forward to an exciting side by side concert with the on November 5th, 2016 entitled the Gypsy Romance along with numerous outreach and community events. We prioritize collaborations that highlight and promote the work of Canadian musicians, and we are in a unique position to be able to strengthen the alliances between local arts organizations in our community.