Edgar Bridwell - Violin

Violinist Edgar Bridwell was born in Illinois but has lived in BC and Montreal most of his life. He started violin when he was five. At a very young age, he participated and won prizes in many competitions and festivals as both soloist and chamber player.

Edgar enjoys performing in a wide range of musical styles, and has played, recorded and toured internationally with Ray Condo and hisHardrock Goners, and the Crazy Rhythm Daddies.

Aside from his involvement in Sinfonia, he is the violinist of the Absinthe Ensemble string trio, and performs with a variety of other chamber groups and orchestras.

Edgar has also arranged and composed soundtracks for films, including director Rick Raxlen's features, Horses In Winter, and The Strange Blues of Cowboy Red.

Though Edgar has always dedicated a lot of his time and energy to music, he studied Fine Arts at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, and at Concordia University, in Montreal, where he completed his BFA (with distinction) in Studio Art and Animation. He has since worked on many projects, from feature films including The Road to Eldorado and Spirit, to TV series, Sesame Street, and commercials. He has most recently worked on a new animated TV series called Neighbours fromHell, and teaches assistant animation at Vancouver Film School.

During the little free time he has, he enjoys playing guitar.