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Welcome one and all to our “Classics and Clarinet” concert! As always, we greatly appreciate your presence here at the home of your Lions Gate Sinfonia, the beautiful Centennial Theatre. Tonight’s concert features one of our own brilliant Sinfonians, Clarinettist extraordinaire Mary Backun. We see her regularly as our Principal Clarinet player, and now we have her “front and centre” as she brings us TWO lovely works for her instrument. In addition to Mary’s music, we have selected an unheralded masterwork by one of the greatest masters; on the 2nd half of tonight’s concert we present you with Beethoven’s charming and brilliant Fourth Symphony.

The two works for solo Clarinet are by two greatly different composers. First up will be the lovely Concertino by Romantic German opera composer Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826.) After giving Mary a little rest with a short Waltz by Weber, she will return with the Clarinet Concerto by our own Composer-in-Residence, Michael Conway Baker. The works differ in the era during which they were composed by 200 years, but not in the brilliance and virtuosity demanded of the soloist! Weber’s work is called a Concertino rather than Concerto as it has the same contrasting moods as a full length work, only compressed into a single movement. The Baker Concerto is unusual with two movements, a hauntingly yearning 1st movement is contrasted with a rhythmically charged and somewhat jazzy finale.

What more could one want? Well, how about our season-ending grand finale concert in a few weeks? I am so excited for our All-Classical concert in April: a Mozart Overture, Haydn Symphony, and we will top it off with Beethoven’s greatest concerto: The Emperor, featuring the fabulous Sara Davis Beuchner! Thank you for your loyal presence tonight! I look forward to seeing you again on April 14, and for many Sinfonia seasons to come! 

Musically Yours,

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