Welcome to our Side by Side presentation - Clyde Mitchell

Welcome to our Lions Gate Sinfonia annual Side-by-Side with Strings Concert! If you have attended one of these concerts in the past, you will know that this is a special educational initiative where outstanding young string players are selected to sit in with our professional players. The repertoire is by no means “Youth Orchestra” material; rather, we choose great masterpieces of music that we will ALL enjoy, and that the students will study and learn with great enthusiasm! Our concert will feature these outstanding young talents sitting right next to our regular members in Tchaikovsky’s incredibly passionate String Serenade. 

Before that glorious second half of Tchaikovsky, we have a very special first half of music by two great masters Vivaldi and Mozart, as well as works by two LIVING (gasp!) composers! Lions Gate Sinfonia is proud to present music for strings by our Resident Composer Michael Conway Baker and Ron Hannah. 

This will be a great night of music to remember. We are delighted you are here to join us as we “pass the torch” to young, up-and-coming musicians. There is no greater pleasure for a musician than to perform the great classical masterpieces in the presence of an enthusiastic audience – especially while guiding and sharing with young players. Thank you for being a part of this important process, and for supporting YOUR Lions Gate Sinfonia! 

Musically yours, Clyde

Posted on November 14, 2011 and filed under November 19, 2011 ● String Serenade.