Anne Duranceau - Double Bass

Anne Duranceau was born in Montreal, spent several years of her early childhood in equatorial Africa and then lived in Quebec City until 1994.

During her short career as a dancer with Les Ballets Kataline Molnar, in Quebec City, she intensely enjoyed performing in diverse ballets and choreographed concerts, as well as the impressive opera productions of L'Opéra de Québec.

She studied French literature, and then fell in love with the contrabass... She did her Bachelor's Degree in Music at Laval University and then moved to Tucson, where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Music from the University of Arizona. She also traveled around the world to participate in many workshops and festivals where she had the opportunity to work with virtuoso contrabassist François Rabbath as well as several masters of international renown.

Anne moved to British Columbia in 1995. Aside from being Principal Bass for Sinfonia, she plays contrabass with the Absinthe Ensemble string trio and the klezmer group Mad Nomad, and she freelances with various orchestras and chamber ensembles.

Her increasing interest in early music sees her getting more and more involved as a viola da gamba player (on bass viol), with Vancouver Viols and with the Historical Performance Ensemble (period dance).

Anne spends quite a bit of her time arranging music for the Absinthe Ensemble, and she enjoys composing. Her soundtrack to Carole Ducharme's short film "Straight from the Suburbs" earned her a Nell Shipman award and a nomination to a Leo Award.

Anne also works for Radio Canada (CBC), as researcher (music), associate producer, technician, communications officer, media librarian and more, according to the needs of the CBC.